6 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Class

It's 3pm, hours removed from lunch and dinner, and your stomach growls menacingly in the middle of lecture. The person to your left squints sideways. You squirm a little bit in your seat, maybe cough lighty into your fist. Your stomach growls again and you lock eyes with the professor. If only you had packed a snack! It's easy to avoid the wrath of a needy tummy by running to the Arbor for some quick potato chips, or settling on a sugary cookie at a coffee stand. But we're trying to be healthy...

'1 is 2 Many' Fights Against Sexual Violence, Empowers Women

Defending the rights of women is not a pursuit limited only to women. Executive Vice President, Joe Biden, is taking a stand against female abuse and violence with his new campaign “1 is 2 Many”. The objectives of the campaign are not only to reduce physical and sexual assaults on women, but to also educate the public about how common the aforementioned occurrences really are. According to the White House’s website, one in five young women will be victims of sexual assault while they are in co

Freshman Year vs Senior Year, As Told By Disney

In the grand scheme of things, four years isn't a lot of time. However, many things can change from freshman year to senior year. For example, Everything is so new, so exciting You want how many pages by when? Getting ready to go out, freshman year: Glit it or quit it <3 Making it to your 8am on time, freshman year: Killing it in the kitchen, senior year: With ten other roommates in the kitchen, you pretty much have your own cooking show It's ok. We've all been "that girl." Because you

Sabre Pepper Gel: Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975

I’ve read statistics about sexual assult on college campuses: At least 1 in 4 college women will be the victim of a sexual assault during her academic career; more than 70% of rape victims knew their attackers; in a survey of high school students, 56% of girls and 76% of boys [some of whom may be incoming college freshmen] believed forced sex was acceptable under some circumstances. These statistics are unsettling and unfortunately all too real. I thought about these statistics when I handed ea

Finally! Science Explains One Night Stands

Sunday mornings are nice if you wake up next to a lover, maybe somewhere in the countryside, where the sun shines bright through cotton curtains, and the beads of sweat on his shoulder smell like sweet dew drops. But you wake up next to the bro in your chemistry lecture on a top bunk in a fraternity house, where the room marks all the relics of a crazy night and the sun peeks in through dusty shades. They happen to the best of us. And lucky for us, science has some explanations as to how this

Santa Barbara Citizens Raise Concerns About 'El Diablo' at Local Town Meeting

In the aftermath of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant explosion, concerns are rising over whether or not the nuclear power plant in Diablo Canyon poses similar threats. To address these concerns, KCSB hosted a town meeting and an open forum on Thursday, Oct. 13 in the Faulkner Gallery of the Santa Barbara Central Library. “Our goal was to have an event, an open discussion, for people to share their viewpoints,” fourth-year sociology major and General Manager of KCSB Eric Wolff said. “This w

Making Waves at Muddy Waters

A new trio is making their name in the Santa Barbara coffee shop music scene, bringing a unique approach to performance and sound. The yet unnamed band, whose members consist of Anna Abbey on piano and vocals, Colter Frazier on bass and Jim Connolly on a variety of different instruments, never plays the same song twice. The material they perform is never written down; it’s “free, improvised pop music,” they say. During a performance at Muddy Waters Café in downtown Santa Barbara last Thursday,

Mister AS President: Jonathan Abboud

It's a Saturday afternoon and Jonathan Abboud wears a light blazer and a blue button-up woven. He looks just like a president. But the clean cut, classic California style is just the surface to our Associated Student president. I had the opportunity to chat with Jonathan and to learn more about his leadership roles on campus. During our interview, several students stopped to say, "Hey Mister President!" What accomplishment are you most proud of? Making it through UCSB and surviving. It’s been

Brief: Library releases free app

The Santa Monica Public Library on Wednesday announced the release of a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Library card holders can now use the free app to search the library catalogue, browse new releases, place holds, renew checkouts and manage accounts. The app also includes addresses and directions to the nearest library branch. The free app is now available at the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store by searching “Santa Monica Public Library.” For more information about th

Religiously Affiliated Health Clinic Advertises Incorrect Information to UCSB Students

Religiously affiliated health clinics posing as crisis pregnancy centers have been sparking controversy and disagreements with women’s rights advocates nationwide. The main concern is centered on these clinics’ goals to eliminate abortion services and discontinue contraception, as well as the tactics used to reach these objectives. A group of female students affiliated with the University of California Santa Barbara group End Fake Clinics, gave a presentation to Legislative Council this quarter

Calif. Democrats Propose Middle Class Scholarship Program to Cut Tuition

Members of the California State Assembly Democratic Caucus proposed a new legislation introducing a plan to help middle class families reduce burdensome student debt. The new plan is called the Middle Class Scholarship Program and if it passes it will decrease college fees for the middle class significantly. The Middle Class Scholarship Program (AB 1500 and AB 1501), proposed last Wednesday, will be paid for completely by disallowing out-of-state corporations from avoiding paying the California

Birth Control Companies Face Scrutiny After Mislabeling Pills; Scramble to Pull From Shelves

Pfizer Inc., the world’s largest drug maker, announced on Jan. 31 that it is recalling one million packages of the birth control pill Lo/Ovral and the generic birth control pills Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estadiol. The recall is attributed to a speculation that some of the birth control packets may be in an incorrect order, with the active and inactive pills mixed in the wrong sequence and distributed inaccurately. Due to the incorrect hormone distribution, the FDA suggests that women taking these

Vice President Patrick Lenz Addresses Concerns About the Budget

The term “budget cuts” has become standard in many University of California supporter’s vocabulary as funding for the public higher education system continues to decrease. Over the last year alone, California legislation reduced public higher education by $650 million, according to the advocacy network UC for California. In addition to these cuts, “trigger” cuts are to be made in the UC’s 2012-2013 budget. Patrick Lenz, vice president of budget and capital resources for the University of Califo